Stem cells in healing

Many athletes are deciding to use stem cells in healing especially because they can regenerate muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and other connective tissues quickly.

Sports injuries are not rare with athletes and persons who push their bodies to the extreme. It does not have to be an extreme sport, but athletes are passionate in the game so the injuries always follow.

Stem cells can repair torn ligaments and tendons. Those cells are able to change their appearance and take a look like tendon cells. Then it comes to increasing production of collagen, a protein that is crucial for tendons and ligaments. Thanks to this, an injury could be healed quickly.

Every trauma or fracture is a problem for itself, but some patients and doctors would say that the spinel core injury may be the biggest challenge to cure. During the research of the stem cells it has been shown that this method is impressively efficient in healing the spine.

Stem cells in healing process

Stem cells may help to get back in form and the field quickly

There are many ways of using stem cells in healing. Regenerative medicine has been much improved over the years and athletes have turned to therapies that include biological substances, such as stem cells.

Most commonly used in dealing with sports injuries are biological substances, such as platelet-rich plasma (best known as PRP) or stem cells, used to speed the healing process for musculoskeletal injuries. They may be used alone or in combination with standard treatment. The healing of muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones, but also shortening recovery time and neutralizing inflammation and pain have never been easier with this process.

Stem cells in healing - knee

Professional athletes that have used stem cells in healing or during recovery time

Many professional athletes have used stem cells in recovery. They needed an immediate pain relief, so stem cells help them not to jeopardize their carrier.

Tiger Woods, a brilliant golf player has admitted in 2010 (when he was 35 years old) that he took a stem cell regeneration therapy. He suffered many injuries from his victory at the 1997 Masters. When Woods needed to recover safely and quickly, he turned to regenerative medicine and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). At first, he had a problem with ACL (anterior excruciate ligament), and after with Achilles tendon. After taking stem cells therapy, he recovered completely.

Kobe Bryant professional basketball player for L.A. Lakers traveled in Europe so he could solve his problem with the degeneration of his knees. He took platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) and felt much better in a very short notice. He had a problem inside the knee because of the many injuries during the carrier and arthritis.

Problem with knee

Real Madrid football player Cristiano Ronaldo suffered a muscle tear right before Real Madrid’s Champions League with Manchester City. He had to do something immediately so he took stem cells treatment in Europe and got back in the game with no problems or pain.

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal at first had a problem with his knee. He used stem cell treatment for that and he no longer felt any pain. A few years later he developed a problem with back ailments. He had inflammation of a part of the lumbar vertebrae. Stem cells were injected into a joint in his spine to help repair the cartilage. Tennis player reported a total absence of pain, something he hadn’t experienced in more than two years before to therapy.

Successful baseball player C.J. Nitkowski in 2011 had decided to try a treatment with stem cells in the left shoulder. Over the past 10 years, he depended on this treatment to stay in the big leagues.

Luxury clinic for healing with stem cells

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Stem cells in healing

No matter what sport do you play, volleyball, MMA, basketball, football, swimming, if you push yourself and your body to extreme, there is a risk to injure yourself. For experts in IM Clinic there is no limitation and it would be a pleasure to heal. It is possible to contact the IM Clinic on the phone, an email or social media and make an appointment. Make sure that you feel better as soon as possible.

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