Sport medicine center

Sport medicine center takes a care of athlete’s health and their well-being. We are integrating revolutionary healthcare as well as quality treatments. Our therapies are made for solving athletic and orthopedic problems and injuries.

Medical specialists are returning our patients to their optimal level of performance. In IM Clinic we are gathering an international team that is always ready to solve all medical issues.

An injury may seriously jeopardize a carrier and destroy an athlete’s professional life. Do not let that to happen! You can continue living a normal life and to stay a professional sportsman even after an injury. We are practicing numerous methods of healing and, also, we are using an ultimate and revolutionary technology in order to achieve the best results.

Sport medicine center – The BEST METHODS lead to the BEST RESULTS

Sport medicine center is very important in every sportsman life. Here, in IM Clinic, we are providing revolutionary methods of healing. Also, we are using the cutting-edge technology in order to provide the best results.

Lymphatic drainage is a very effective treatment in reducing pain. Also, it provides the circulation in the body. Besides, this treatment increases the metabolic rate and improves healing as well as regenerative effect.

Electrotherapy treats musculoskeletal conditions. Also, it is beneficial in relieving a chronic pain. It has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The experts in IM Clinic are using over 30 types of electrical currents to treat different health disorders.

Sport medicine center

Physiotherapy is including a various method for relaxation, and energy increase. Also, it is improving body fluid movement, as well as general revitalization. This type of therapy will help with movement problems, but also with joint stiffness, and muscle tightness. Physiotherapy includes chiropractic treatment, dry needling and kinesio therapy and taping.

Sport medicine center – The ultimate technologies in Europe

With medical revolution, technologies have been improved significantly. Technology and revolutionary devices are very important in healing.

In IM Clinic, we are using PRP therapy and stem cells treatment in order to help with injuries. These treatments are very beneficial because they are giving a chance to have an influence directly on the needed spot. PRP therapy is relieving acute pain and healing tissues in orthopedics. Almost all sports injuries may be cured using stem cells.

Super Inductive System has an immense effect on the musculature together with skeletomuscular system. This device is capable to relieve pain. Also, it can mobilize joints if it is a type of injury that requires this treatment. This system, also, supports fracture-healing process and relaxes or strengthens muscles.

EMS Swiss Piezoclast is one of the most popular devices in clinic. Treatment with this special instrument provides completely pain-free therapy and treats deep musculoskeletal indications. Also, Piezoclast is usable for treating pathologies down to 10cm under the skin.

Sport medicine center

The best device for treating osteoporosis is MBST, also known as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy. It is not only treating the symptoms, but also the cause, which is most important for profound healing. Using this device, a patient will experience pain-free regeneration instead of surgery.

The best clinic for athletics medicine

IM Clinic is the best clinic for healing sport injuries. Team of specialists and revolutionary technology are the best combination for regeneration. You will never have to deal with carrier problems and it will not be jeopardized.

When a patient comes to IM Clinic, at first, doctor will take a look of the injury and do the test and analyses. After the examination, a medical specialist will see what is the best treatment for the patient and give him the therapy.

Our luxury clinic is in Belgrade, very peaceful area, ideal for a vacation. Contact us today and make a reservation. We are, also, providing many other services, such as booking airplane ticket and making a reservation in a hotel, if a patient does not want to stay in clinic.

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