Stem cells and facial rejuvenation

Stem cells are a topic number one today. During the time, they are becoming extremely popular in healing, but also in beauty treatments. Stem cells and facial rejuvenation are becoming more correlated by the day. Modern medicine has brought us many new therapy options, but people are no more interested in non-natural methods.

Men and women want to point-up their natural beauty but they do not want to do some extreme surgeries like before. That is why they are turning to nature and natural methods of management. Stem cells are the best for this process because these cells may do so many things for the body. They have almost magical effects in healing, body remodeling, and anti-ageing process. Stem cells and facial rejuvenation are becoming something that everybody is talking about.

Stem cells and facial rejuvenation – Is it possible?

These cells are now frequently used in therapies because of their ability to repair and to regenerate different types of tissues. And not only that! They have a wide range of usage in cosmetics and other therapies.

This type of rejuvenating method involves a clinical application of different types of stem cells. Different stem cells may be applicable in different areas of cosmetic surgeries. The most popular are skin rejuvenation, breast enhancement, and body contouring. Also, it is possible to wake up sleepy cells and hair follicles. In that way, stem cells may help to regrow hair.

Stem cells and facial rejuvenation

Stem cells are frequently using in dealing with sports injuries, and in preventing age-related diseases. Also, it is possible to apply them in order to postpone anti-ageing and to improve this kind of procedure. Stem cells may also be a great solution for face, body, and organ rejuvenation.

How stem cells rejuvenate skin?

Stem cells have a wide range of applications in the process of anti-ageing, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. Depending on the treatment, by applying stem cells to the face, neck or hands, the number and visibility of wrinkles will be reduced.

Also, stem cells and reducing the size of undereye circles as well and making the skin tighter. Stem cells may improve hydration and make the skin glow.

Lipofilling is a less invasive treatment that is great for correcting facial and body shape issues. During this process, medical experts are harvesting adipose tissue and using it for volume modeling. Also, it is beneficial for improving skin quality and correcting flaws. Over time, adipose cells are gradually adapting and forming adipose tissue.

Fibroblast treatment is becoming very popular day by day. Fibroblasts are cells that have the power to wake up cells in the dermis. They are responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. When a client comes to a clinic, doctors are diagnosing the skin condition, and after that, they are making a treatment plan. In this process, they are using revolutionary devices such as Skintex Diag Ella Baché.

Stem cells and facial rejuvenation

Before going through either procedure, it is important to precisely diagnose all skin problems and issues. That is the right way for treating any condition or for making a tailor-made skin plan for a client.

The best stem cells and facial rejuvenation treatment

Stem cells and facial rejuvenation are becoming hugely popular in the world and in Serbia too. IM Clinic is a luxury clinic in Belgrade that is gathering an international team with many years of experience. We are located in Zemun, a beautiful area near the Danube river, and our neighborhood is great for a vacation.

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  1. stem cells and facial rejuvenation treatment is increasing day by day. You have discussed its possibilities and benefits in an easy way. I was looking for the skincare treatments finally got the post. From where this treatment can be done? I am looking nearby me

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