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Winter is coming to an end, and finally, spring is coming. Changing seasons means making a few small updates to your skincare routine with each season. Skin needs change with every season, so it is necessary to give the skin what it needs. It is important that the skin looks healthy and to glow. Spring skin care routine should be full of the right products, new and modern techniques, and antioxidants.

Winter skin care was full of products that were protecting the skin from coldness and dry air. Now, in like manner, it is necessary to change the routine and to treat your skin with the best treatments that will make it better and healthier. Also, do not forget about the protection!

Spring skin care – What is the best routine

Skin always needs a special treatment. This treatment is changing with seasons, but also with ages. There are some routines that are the same for everybody, no matter their age. At first, facial and body hygiene is always a must. Do not never forget to clean your skin, to remove the make-up and to clean up your make-up brushes. After that, you can really take care of your skin, facial and body.

1) Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin removes dead surface skin cells and reveals a fresher layer. This allows the absorption of skincare products more effectively. Also, you can practice exfoliation of the face and the body.

2) Hydrate the body

Drinking water is very important and you have to do it a lot every day. The organs need hydration for normal function, and your skin is your body’s largest organ. The more water you drink, the easier it will be to keep your skin from getting dry and flakey.

Also, eat healthily. Eating fresh fruits and veggies will improve your look and make your skin brighter.

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3) SPF

Wearing sunscreen, even on cloudy days, is important for protection from sun damage. Also, look for a lightweight product that will not clog pores.

4) BB cream

An easy way to get coverage and SPF protection is BB cream. This cream has many skin benefits. It can, also, renew, brighten, hydrate, protect and even out skin tone all-in-one.

5) Exercise

Regular exercise is great for health and skin. Exercise encourages blood flow and circulation to your face which can help flush out toxins. Exercise, also, acts like a mini-facial for your face. When you sweat, your pores are opening and expelling dirt and oil.

Spring skin care – Greatest therapies for skin

Sometimes, the daily routine is not enough. Your skin, also, needs some treatment that will help and improve your look.

The best way to find out what your skin needs is to do facial diagnosis. This is the most precise way to see all your skin needs. Skintex Diag Ella Baché is a device that is measuring sebum, dead cell rate, hydration, dark spots, radiance, bacterial outbreak and the depth of the wrinkles. This is the best, most precise and fastest way to find out everything that your skin needs.

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Radiofrequency therapy (RF) is a non-surgical procedure that is targeting loose skin. It is usable on the face and body. This therapy is stimulating collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. In that way, it is reducing the appearance of the fine lines.

Something that every skin needs is more ozone. That is why ozone therapy has a huge role in aesthetical management. It has an antiseptic effect and it is accelerating epithelization. Ozone is increasing the efficiency of other procedures and it is, also, great for treating inflammatory conditions.

Why is IM Clinic the right place for aesthetic treatments?

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Our international team is using modern and revolutionary devices in order to improve your look and to point out all good things. We are always here to help you no matter to you have an aesthetic issue, injury problem or your body craves for detoxification.

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