The best detox program

The best detox program is something that the whole world needs, especially during this spring. While the whole planet is fighting with coronavirus (COVID-19), the body detoxification is more than necessary. It is of great importance to stay safe!

Spring is always a good time to clean an organism from all the toxins that have accumulated in the body. Since the whole planet is trying to beat the virus, the complete body detox is something that everybody’s organism craves for. The health is the most important thing in the world because, without that and well-being, we have nothing. The body detox implies a full and complete organism cleaning. It is necessary and desirable to give yourself a fresh start in the natural and the healthiest way possible.

The best detox program – Oxygen and Xenon Therapy

Air pollution is a serious problem that negatively affects the whole organism. The detox program includes cleaning the lungs as well as the complete organism. There are two types of therapies that are, both equally, great for cleaning.

The first one is Oxygen therapy. There are three types of this therapy:

  1. Hyperbaric Chamber
  2. Oxyven
  3. Cell Gym, Cell Air Device

The hyperbaric chamber is a type of clean air therapy where doctors are using high-pressure oxygen. There are numerous benefits of this therapy such as opening blood vessels as well as accelerating circulation. Also, this therapy improves peripheral tissue nutrition and strengthens the patients’ defense system.

The best detox program

Oxyven is a method of intravenous application of liquid oxygen. This therapy also has an anti-inflammatory effect. There are many benefits of this treatment, but the most important ones are circulation acceleration, metabolism improvement, and the fact that it helps with processes of regeneration.

Clean air is one of the most valuable things today. Pollution is getting worst day by day and it is only a matter of time when it is going to be extremely dangerous and toxic. The Cell Gym is a device that produces clean air. Cell Air device has numerous benefits. It facilitates the regeneration of the cardiovascular and nervous system and strengthens the immune system. It also improves the quality of breathing and extends the sleep. People who have tried this treatment are more productive, energetic and feel better.

Xenon therapy is one more therapy that includes inhalation of the xenon-gas. It is a medical gas that helps in treating various kinds of stress, headaches, depression and sleeping disorders. Also, it helps in the rehabilitation and regeneration of the body.

Plasmapheresis – All the benefits

Maybe the most effective treatment is plasmapheresis – a blood-filtering treatment. This therapy includes a wide range of processed and procedures in which the doctors are separating the liquid in the blood, or plasma, from the cells. Then, it is filtering, and, also, putting back into the body free of harmful substances and toxins.

The best detox program

This therapy has numerous benefits such as detoxifying effect, modulates the immune system and, also, has anti-inflammatory properties. Besides purifying the body and intoxication, plasmapheresis also helps with neurologic, hematologic, metabolic, dermatologic and rheumatologic issues.

The best detox program – IM Clinic

There are many symptoms that can give a sign that a person needs to detoxify the body. These are the most common ones:

  • Digestion disorder
  • Allergic manifestations
  • Poor circulation
  • Chest pain
  • Cramps
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Sleep disorders

In IM Clinic, we are providing Hydro-Colon therapy, as well as many other treatments. We are the best luxury and hotel-style clinic and we are always available for our patients. We care about your health and complete well-being.


Not only that we are providing detox treatment, but we are also healing sport and other injuries. Also, our aesthetic department is always there for the clients that want to point up their beauty in the most natural way.

Contact us and find our all about our therapies and treatments. Also, check out our accommodation and pick an apartment that is the best for your needs. Also, choose the best detox program and feel better than ever.

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