IM Clinic is not a typical clinic. Also, we are paying a lot of attention to our patient’s comfort and privacy.

The complete clinic is designed for the convenience of the patients. Our luxury rooms are organized for the pleasure and happiness of the patients.

Our team of experts is here to make your life better and easier. We all joined and created IM Clinic in order to help people, improve their lives and to be a part of the medical revolution.

We are in a quiet part of Belgrade

IM Clinic is located in Serbia’s capital city of Belgrade. Our clinic is in Zemun, a quiet and picturesque area close to the Danube river.

The building was specially designed for the clinic, taking into account the convenience and privacy of our patients. It is an excellent place for rehabilitation after treatment, rest and recovery. From this quiet zone, you can easily explore the cities Belgrade and Zemun.

In IM Clinic – We Are Ready To Make Your Days Easier

IM Clinic is designed specifically for the convenience of patients. We are offering 10 suites on the premises. With the facilities spreading over more than 1200 sqm, the clinic can host both inpatient as well as outpatient programs.

It is highly important for us to offer not only a high level of medical services but also to make the stay of our guests as comfortable as possible.


We are much more than just a clinic

IM Clinic is a place where you can discover your full potential – with the help of our expert staff, state of the art suites, and individually-created food plans.

Our very well equipped laboratory is one of a kind in the Balkans. We are using only revolutionary devices and methods in the healing process.

IM Clinic offers a spacious hotel-style recovery suite in the clinic premises, suitable for accommodating seven patients at the same time. Also, we are taking into consideration the importance of privacy and the full commitment of our staff to each patient during their stay.

Our clinic is specially designed for the convenience of the patients so that you can feel at home.

Constant care and emotional support

We know how important it is to have proper emotional support during treatment. That is why we allow accompanying family members or legal guardians to stay with our patients on our premises during our patients’ stay.

Our patients can expect to get 24/7 medical care, concierge service, custom-made nutritional plans and organized leisure time. We strive to make their stay as enjoyable as it is beneficial.

Qualitative food and healthy lifestyle

We pay close attention to each patient’s nutritional needs. That is why we have the finest kitchen tools and staff qualified to prepare specifically thought-out meals adapted to your individual needs. The meals consist of foods rich in Vitamin D and Calcium such as fish, yogurt, beef liver, goat cheese, and freshly squeezed orange juice.

With regard to physical activity, our patients are prompted to follow a carefully-selected set of exercises and physical activities in line with their general health and other physical characteristics.


We know that we may help – It is upon you to give us a chance

Here at IM Clinic, your well-being is our main goal. Along with all other benefits, we ensure that our patients spend some quality leisure time; hence, our staff organizes sightseeing tours, walking in nature or doing some exercises.

Our patients are accompanied by someone at all times, and a mother tongue interpreter is at their disposal too.

Choose your stay

Our patients can also stay at a hotel. We can book the accommodation outside our premises and send a car for our patients no matter where they are.

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