Age-Related Diseases

Age-Related Diseases

In The First Place Why Do We Age?

Ageing is a complex process that affects all living beings. Many factors have an impact that causes the organism to become highly vulnerable. At the biological level, ageing is the outcome of accumulation of a wide range of molecular therefore cellular damage over time.

It can be defined as time-depended degradation of the physiological function that is necessary for survival as well as reproduction. This leads to a gradual from in physical as well as mental capacities therefore increased risk of disease.

Every single being in the world consists of cells. During time, cell start to change their form and, also, functions. In the first place, ageing happens on the cellular level. Of course, everyone has to age. It is mathematically impossible to stop the ageing process, but it is possible to age well and slowly.

What Can IM Clinics Treatment Do For Your Longevity?

Experts from IM Clinic are ready to welcome everybody who wants to slow down the ageing process therefore to prolong youthfulness as well as vitality.

Of course, we are using the ultimate and the latest scientific developments in order to revers ageing on the cellular and also on the molecular level.

Additionally, we are offering innovative diagnostic tools as well as effective therapeutic protocols. Experts are here for discovering, preventing, treating, and also managing age-related diseases.

Moreover, experts will make a tailor-made treatment program and, also, ensure a close follow-up using very carefully selected products.

Our multidisciplinary team of experienced doctors will treat not only the symptoms, but also the underlying causes of ageing. They will rejuvenate therefore revitalize the entire body.

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