Hydro-colon is one of the most beneficial methods of cleansing an organism. The rumor about this was very popular in ancient Egypt. In addition, everybody knew that the occasional cleansing of the intestine positively influences the person’s general health status. The subjective feeling of well-being is also better as the procedure can prevent many diseases.

Hydro-colon therapy ensures cleaning toxins, prevents inflammation as well as numerous diseases. In IM Clinic, we use the latest German equipment. Conducting hydro-colon therapy on this device by specially-trained staff is comfortable for the patient, hygienic, and, also, brings benefits to the patient’s body.

Hydro-colon therapy can be usable as a prophylactic method and, as a medical procedure, it has its own indications. During the procedure, doctors are performing general detoxification.


  • Overweight
  • Chronic intoxication
  • Gynecological diseases
  • Skin problems
  • Secondary immunodeficiency
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Allergic diseases

What is hydro-colon therapy?

Hydro-colon therapy ensures the cleansing of toxins and prevents inflammation as well as numerous diseases. The basic principle behind hydro-colon therapy is flushing the colon with large quantities of specially-prepared water.

Why is it necessary?

Rarely can anyone in the modern world say that they stick to a regular, balanced diet on a daily basis. Even if actively put effort into maintaining a healthy diet, the toxins are bounding to accumulate overtime at the very end of your digestive tract.

The therapy in practice:

As can be seen, at IM Clinic, we use the latest generation of medical equipment produced in Germany. Our specially-trained staff performs hydro-colon cleaning using advanced equipment.

Not only is the procedure comfortable for the patient, but it is also absolutely hygienic and beneficial, without a doubt. During a single session, the machine is cleaning the colon by using 20-40 liters of water. The water volume depends on individual indications and is introduced in several stages.

After the procedure, the patient is placed in a comfortable bed, in an isolated room, under the constant supervision of the doctor who has performed the procedure. After the procedure, the patient can rest in a very luxury room and take a shower.

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