• Treatment Lipofilling
  • Doctor Dr Rosmy Barrios
  • Category Premium Aestetic Treatments

What is lipofilling?

Lipofilling, fat transfer, fat grafting, or fat injections is a procedure that uses an individual’s own fat to fill in irregularities and grooves. It is a less invasive way of correcting facial and body shape flaws. The procedure also involves harvesting adipose (fatty) tissue from areas of the body where there are sufficient amounts of the tissue. The sample (lipoaspirate) is then treated and adipose tissue transplants are finally injected into deficient zones.

Benefits of Lipofilling


contour face plastic: eye area, forehead, space between the eyes, nasolabial folds, temples, cheekbones, lips, chin

  • breast lipofilling
  • buttocks modeling
  • subcutaneous: volume modeling after injuries, postoperative deformations, deformation due to sunburns
  • breast reconstruction in congenital


  • elimination of surface and deep wrinkles and atrophic scars
  • skin rejuvenation: face, neckline, hands



What does the procedure look like?

The procedure involves the extraction of adipose tissue from an area where there are sufficient amounts of the tissue. Also, sometimes from the areas where there is an abundance of the tissue, such as the abdomen or inner thighs. Doctors are doing that under local anesthesia with anesthesiologist’s support. Depending on the target of an individual patient, the obtained lipoaspirate is then processed by centrifuging, filtering, or rinsing and then applied to deficient areas. Over time, adipose cells gradually adapt and adipose tissue is forming.

The tissue used in lipofilling is natural and comes with existing blood cells. Apart from the effecton volume, lipofilling injections have a positive local trophic effect in tissue (feeding the tissue). They also contribute to the formation of a new microvascular (blood vessel) network. On top of that, they also have beneficial effects on the skin and scar tissue. They help prevent the appearance of severe scars.

The regenerative effects (stimulation of healing, enhancement of microcirculation, scar healing) of fat tissue are the result of multipotent mesenchymal stem cells, as well as progenitor cells. These cells regulate both natural mechanisms of self-repair and reparative processes related to the damaged tissue.

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