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What is lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic Drainage is a very effective treatment. The lymphatic system is our body’s natural defense mechanism against internal and external toxins. Together with the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system provides the circulation of fluids in the body.

The lymphatic system comprises a large network of lymphatic vessels, glands, and organs. Lymph is the fluid that circulates through the vessels and nodes of the lymphatic system. Since it contains main immunocompetent cells, lymphocytes, it is a key part of the body`s immune response. Any type of lymphatic dysfunction, poor lymphatic circulation, and even lymphatic blockage can lead to different complications. Possible complications include the heaviness in feet, swelling and general discomfort, which besides physiological, lead to aesthetic concerns.


Over six liters of fluid per day pass through the lymph system. Also, the impact on this system can greatly amplify the effects of detoxification and reduce the period of recovery.

Lymphatic drainage is an effective treatment based on pneumatic pressure. That pressure promotes lymphatic circulation, therefore, boosts the immune status of the organism. It helps tissue regeneration and detoxification of the whole body


Lymphatic Drainage
  • reduces the pain
  • increases the metabolic rate
  • normalizes the immune system
  • healing as well as regenerative effect
  • relaxation after everyday work duties

The procedure

FIRST: unblocking the lymph nodes

SECOND: activation of the flow in the lymphatic system

With the help of BTL device, we effectively remove the symptom of “heavy, restless legs” and increase the effects of detoxification. The patient regains his/her strength and energy, and there is a pleasant feeling in the body. We have significantly shortened the period of detoxification.

Modern devices for lymphatic drainage can individually affect arms, legs or even the entire lower part of the body. The device is synchronized with a computer processor which determines the degree of pressure and its location in the applicator.

The primary goal is to remove the blockages present in the lymphatic nodes. Also, the stimulation of the surface or the peripheral circulation is done subsequently. The advantage of the approach is the ability to accurately control the tissue pressure.

Also, to control the filling up of the chamber. That can provide positive results when treating different conditions ranging from the initial treatment of cellulite, detoxification, to preparatory treatment in postoperative and traumatic conditions.

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