Toxic overload in modern life

Oxygen is essential for all life processes and, also, it is the basic substance of life. A large number of scientists have been trying to find methods of oxygen usage in therapeutically purposes for a long time. Today, there are many ways in which oxygen can be beneficial in therapeutic purposes.

At IM Clinic we provide three types of oxygen therapy

1. Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment where doctors are using high-pressure oxygen, resulting in the opening of the smallest blood vessels. It accelerates circulation and, also, improves peripheral tissue nutrition.

The effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy are numerous:

  • Raises the level of antioxidant defense of the organism, which slows down cell ageing processes
  • Increases the sensitivity of malignant cells to ionizing radiation and also reduces the side effects of radiation
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Strengthens the body’s defense system
  • Normalizes energy, metabolic as well as functional processes in the cell
  • Accelerates the regeneration of the nerve tissue
  • Improves the psychophysical condition and acts like anti-stress
  • Emphasizes the function of certain antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, diuretics, antiarrhythmic and cytostatic
Oxygen Therapy

2. Oxyven

It is a method of intravenous application of liquid oxygen. In turn, it results in the acceleration of circulation, and therefore metabolism and the processes of regeneration are improving comprehensively.

The basic principle of the Oxyven method is using highly specialized equipment to precisely apply a minute amount of medical oxygen directly into the vein.

It is familiar that such an application of oxygen significantly increases the production of Prostacyclin in the blood vessels. Prostacyclin reduces the risk of blood vessel thrombosis.

The intravenous oxygen application also has the anti-inflammatory effect.

3. CellGym Cell Air Device

The CellGym device produces clean air. It exposes the human body to hypoxic (lowered oxygen concentration in the blood) and hyperoxic (increased blood oxygen concentration) conditions.

CellAir facilitates regeneration of the cardiovascular and nervous system, strengthens the immune system. It also improves the quality of breathing and extends the sleep.

It has been observed that after using CellGym, a person has more energy and also is more productive in carrying out everyday activities.

In modern sports, the usage of this kind of wellness treatment is indispensable. It increases durability, the level of energy, as well as the quality of the performance of a professional athlete.

The CellAir machine can is usable while sitting. Using a specialized breathing mask, you will consume a combination of normal oxygen air as well as oxygen-reduced air.

Cell Air device

Your CellGym program can be customized to determine the ideal training regimen for you.

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