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What is the effect of Ozone therapy?

Ozone Therapy is one of the most effective therapies. It has a huge role in healing, but also in aesthetical management. The antiseptic effect of ozone was very beneficial in medicine since 1915.

Ozone was popular for a long time to treat locally infected wounds. Also, in lower concentrations, to accelerate wound epithelization.

There is a lot of information available today regarding the safe and effective use of ozone therapy in treating a large number of different conditions.

Ozone Therapy
Ozone Therapy

At IM Clinic, we recommend the following treatments:

Local ozone administration to treat inflammatory skin conditions and psoriasis, but also to improve blood circulation and tissue oxygenation in cases of degenerative diseases
Ozone can also be administered rectally through a special thin cannula into the large intestine. This is especially effective when treating inflammatory conditions of the large and small intestine, as well as rectovaginal fistulas after chemotherapy
The usage of ozone also has found its place in cosmetology. Of course, doctors are locally injecting ozone into problematic skin areas. That helps to improve its quality significantly as well as increase the efficiency of other procedures
When ozone is administered into adipose tissue, the process of its natural degradation is activated. As a matter of fact, this property of ozone is beneficial in the correction of body figure and fight cellulite

What is the parenteral ozone application?

Parenteral application (particularly intravenously) is possible to do with special automated blood collection sets. Doctors are drowning blood, enriching with ozone, and subsequently administering back into the patient’s body by intravenous infusion.

It is also possible to intravenously administer the ozone-enriched physiological solution. Trophic processes in the body tissues are significantly improving as a result of parenteral ozone application.

Rheological blood properties also improve, immunoregulatory processes are setting in motion, and tissue insulin resistance decreases in diabetes cases. Also, the organism is activating the natural system of body detoxification.

Ozone Therapy
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