• Treatment Peptide Therapy
  • Doctor Dr Rosmy Barrios
  • Category Premium Aesthetic Treatments
  • Medical equipments Dermapen, Mesogun U225

What are peptides?

Our body produces peptides. Those are sequences of amino acids that act as cellular signals and have, as well as hormones, a distant secretory effect from the secretion site.

What is the goal of peptide therapy?

The goal of a peptide therapy is to restore biochemical bonds between the cells and affect regulation of metabolism and maintenance of homeostasis.

Peptides are also beneficial for decreasing and reducing inflammatory processes persisting in the body as well as in treatments of various injuries. They have a great effect in anti-aging treatments and in the prevention of various diseases and conditions. Peptide therapy can be also beneficial in weight loss treatments because it stimulates the breakdown of visceral fat.


  • Body remodeling
  • Anti-aging
  • Osteoporosis
  • Degenerative bone disease
  • Insomnia

The results will last up to 12 months.

The peptides rarely will create a side effect by itself. The side-effects that the patient may have are related to the technique that the peptides are applied. Also, it is defining how likely is the skin to be red or to have bruises. If the bruises appear, they can be easily covered with make-up. Also, they will resolve in about three to four days after the treatment.

Peptide treatment is applied using the mesotherapy technique.

Peptide Therapy

Depending on the patient’s skin complexion and the goal of the treatment it will be used Dermapen, Manual mesotherapy or a Mesogun U225, the latest French technology.

After the treatment, the patient will notice a bit of redness of the skin. That will resolve after a couple of hours. Depending on the applied technique and how sensitive is the patient, our doctors will use a potent anesthetic cream to ensure the patient’s comfort.

Immediately, after the treatment, doctors are recommending not to do any physical activity. The general vasodilation of the body due to it may cause the redness to last longer.

Our medical experts recommend not to massage the treated area during the first 24 hours. They are recommending also not to use make-up as possible the following six hours after treatment.

Peptide Therapy
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