• Treatment Weight And Cellulite Management
  • Doctor Dr Rosmy Barrios
  • Category Premium Aesthetic Treatments
  • Medical equipments VACUSLIM 48

Weight Management

Weight and cellulite management is a must of today. Obesity is often called the disease of the modern age. It stems from a slowed-down metabolism, as well as acquired lifestyle habits. However, obesity is usually in association with some endocrine disorders.

IM Clinic has developed a holistic and individual weight and cellulite management approach. It relies on a program that puts the entire body in balance and makes you not only look beautiful but also feel healthy.

Symptoms of obesity

You could feel breathless and you might sweat excessively, or start snoring at night. Not only is obesity an aesthetic issue, it is a complex disorder that can seriously affect your overall health, by causing high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels and increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Obesity can also lead to type 2 diabetes, and other chronic conditions.


The diagnostic segment includes an interview with the patient, but with a special focus on their nutrition habits. After the whole-body composition scaling, as well as measuring body circumferences and whole-body screenings, we sign the patient up for a wide spectrum of lab analysis and specialist examinations. We pay attention to food intolerance.


  • The modern-age disease
  • The duration of treatment will be adapted according to your wishes in consultation with our medical experts
  • Achieving hormone and enzyme balance in the body

Cellulite Management

In order to manage a cellulite issue, in IM Clinic experts are using VACUSLIM 48. VACUSLIM 48 is the new method for professional slimming treatments and cellulite elimination that experts are applying fast and easily at all times. VACUSLIM 48 is the ultimate device that eliminates toxins and tightens the skin. Also, it makes the skin tightened.


  • Enhancing the appearance and tonus of the skin after a series of treatments
  • Excessive liquid elimination
  • Slimming and drainage effect
Vacumslim 48
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