Super Inductive System

The Super Inductive System is one special technology. Above all, IM Clinic is a leading hospital that uses only revolutionary devices in the process of healing the patients.

This system is the latest word of technology that utilizes the healing effects of the high-intensity electromagnetic field which positively influences the human tissue.

In fact - How does Super Inductive System help:

  • Profound effect on the musculature together with skeletomuscular system
  • It can relieve pain
  • Mobilize joints
  • Support fracture-healing process
  • Relax or strengthen muscles

The applicator construction is designed to allow for the therapy to be done without direct skin contact having the patient’s utmost comfort in mind.

The Super Inductive System is occupying on the interaction between a high-intensity electromagnetic field and the human body. Moreover, the intense electromagnetic field depolarizes neural tissues and causes muscle contractions. In the first place, with Super Inductive System you can effectively treat various disorders if the neuromuscular and joint-skeletal system.

The therapy in practice:

  1. It creates an intense electromagnetic field that induces electric currents and also triggers an action potential in the neuron. Then, neuron further transfers the electric signal in neutral tissue
  2. Electric signal induces by this technology is further transferred through the neuron and depolarization, caused by the voltage changes on the neuron membrane, occurs.
  3. Induced electric signal is conducted along the neuron until the mediator acetylcholine is released into the neuromuscular joint
  4. Acetylcholine binds to a muscle cell membrane and further conducts the induced electric signal through the muscle. This involves the activity of contractile proteins, which altogether cause muscle contraction
  5. Subsequently, the muscle relaxes after the cutoff cross-bridges of the contractile proteins

Medical indications:

  • Breathing enhancement
  • Spasticity reduction
  • Impingement syndrome
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Thoracic spine mobilization
  • Fracture healing
  • Patellar tendinopathy
  • Slipped disc
  • Prevention of muscle atrophy
Super Inductive System

Medical effects:

  • Pain management
  • Fracture healing
  • Myostimulation
  • Joint mobilization
  • Spasticity reduction
Super Inductive System
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