The revolutionary technology, new and unique in the whole region of Eastern Europe is based in IM Clinic in Belgrade.

In IM Clinic, we are ready to provide scientific medicine as well as to give the best treatment. Also, the ultimate and one of a kind medical services is the less that you may expect. In order to help our patients, we are gathering only the best devices and innovations that scientists have manufactured.

As can be seen, we are using the newest scientific achievements in reaching the results we aim for. The wide range of cutting-edge technological innovations responds to all the diverse methods therefore specialized therapies we provide.

MBST Therapy
MBST – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy
  • Diseases of the bones
  • Injuries of the bones
MTS Spark Wave
MTS Spark Wave

Differentiation of stem cells to the damaged tissue or organ

Super Inductive System
Super Inductive System
  • Relieves pain
  • Mobilizes joints
EMS Swiss Piezoclast
EMS Swiss Piezoclast
  • Musculoskeletal indications
  • Pathologies
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